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Marking a special occasion, celebrating a special person,commemorating a loved one or just treating yourself! Our business is based on bespoke commission work. You can book an appointment to discuss your commission in the comfort of our private studio.

From the concept sketch to the rendered working drawing, from basic prototype to the finished piece, we will work and consult with you throughout the process to create a piece, that unique piece.

Services What We Do


You service your car regularly, shouldn’t you service your jewellery? Over the years jewellery wears,stones loosen, claws start catching or worse yet wear away and a stone might fall out.From time to time your Insurance Company might ask you to have your jewellery checked before your premium renewal.

We offer a full maintenance and repair service for all types of jewellery, from polishing and rhodium plating to tightening loose stones ,from fine jewellery repair to estate jewellery repairs. Our experience in hand making fine jewellery gives us a very keen edge in maintaining and restoring your jewellery.


The years have a way of making your diamonds look smaller. You may have considered something a bit bigger? We can work with you trading in your existing stone to buy a larger one or source other extra stones to complement your existing one. Love the look of your ring but have the feeling that it looks dated? We can help redesign and update your ring using some of your original materials.


Not quite happy with pieces of jewellery you were given, or you have pieces you haven’t worn in years? All you need is an idea of what you would like your old jewellery remodelled into, we will work with you through the redesign process to create a piece, or a suite of jewellery, especially for you.You may have lost a piece of jewellery and are looking to replace it, we work along with Insurance companies helping you to recreate the lost piece of jewellery.

About Company Biography

About Sam Lafford

A deep understanding and appreciation of fine jewellery has underscored our reputation as Platinum Jewellery Specialists. As an Independent Studio we have been able to take the time not only to perfect our craft but also to cultivate new techniques. This allows us to help customers explore all the possibilities available.

Our quality and service is underscored by the determination to deliver craftsman driven high quality products to our customers. By personally consulting with each customer we ensure that every piece of jewellery is tailored to suit their exact requirements. As each piece is produced inhouse we are able to assure a high quality of care,precision and quality while working on the piece from design through to finished product.

We deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by our customers and aim to return that trust by producing beautiful jewellery that will stand the test of time.

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  • Email: info@samlafford.ie